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We turn software into

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VONICAL builds software that helps people be great at what they do!
Our Story.

We’re an experienced software team from Ottawa, Canada

VONICAL helps you build, deploy and maintain new software technologies that enable people in your organization to be great at what they do. We work with medium to large organizations to support sales enablement, workflow optimization and cloud-based SaaS integration strategies.
  • Gathering Technical Requirements
  • Design and Prototyping
  • Fully Managed Solutions (24x7x365)
  • User Experience and Interaction Design
  • Software Lifecycle Development
  • Rapid Deployment and Release-Cycles
  • 3rd Party Integrations and Plugins
  • Analytics and Reporting
By leveraging our own proprietary software and making it easier to integrate with 3rd-party systems (CRM, LMS, etc.) and relevant technology stacks, we can rapidly deliver software solutions that solve even your most pressing business needs.



It starts as an experiment validating and rapidly iterating.


Next we deliver a funtional prototype within a rapid build cycle.


Populate, test and deploy the first production-ready version for use in the field.

Fully Manage

After deploying we will manage the entire software lifecycle and provide 24x7x365 support.
Enterprise-Ready Software

We improve sales execution, training, service delivery and customer engagement

Fully Managed Service

We provide custom solutions as well as our own proprietary service delivery framework that we fully manage, support and continuously enhance based on your needs

Mobile Ready

Fully branded mobile apps (iOS and Android) to quickly enhance your sales experiences and improve customer engagement.

Centralized Control

Sales leaders and executives get access to a centralized dashboard that provides detailed reporting around metrics that matter

Rapid Deployment

VONICAL may have a fully functional software solution ready for your production environment in under 90-days.

Custom Solutions and Integrations

We provide complete end-to-end software solutions (LMS, Customer Apps, etc.) and integration with your internal and external system

Executive Reporting

Track, analyze and measure usage by your sales team, determine what works and what doesn't and adjust


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33 - 174 Colonnade Rd. South, Ottawa, Ontario
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