Dental Clinic 1 Overview
Patient Engagement
Time Range Patients Engaged Appt Confirmations Surveys Change
This Week
166 2 2
Last Month
682 8 7 2%
Today's Appointments
Patient Appt Type Appt Date Preferred Contact Status Actions
Kathleen Mayers
New Patient
3/21/20188:30am Email Text/SMS Confirmed
Emily Bishop
3/21/20189:00am Home phone Cancelled
Nisreen Chabaz
3/21/201810:00am Not listed Pending
Margo Collins
High Production
3/21/201810:30am Text/SMS Email Pending
Katy Pilsner
3/21/201811:00am Home phone Email Confirmed
Wes Morgan
High Production
3/21/201812:00pm Text/SMS Voicemail Pending
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EDMS Support
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